Zefora is a singer/songwriter and filmscore vocalist based in Portland, OR.  She specializes in remote session work for film, video games, television, radio, albums, podcasts, and voice overs.  She studied Guitar, Voice, Commercial Music, and Recording Arts in Los Angeles.  She is best known for her work on "Rebirth" (Two Steps From Hell,) "The Fallen Will Rise" (Twisted Jukebox,) and can be heard in the 2016 "Last Days in the Desert" movie trailer starring Ewan McGregor.  Her first solo EP was released in 2014 and her vocal sample pack "Ethereal Voices" was released by Samplephonics in 2015.

Recent projects include work on the soundtracks for the upcoming indie movies The GardenThe Stolen, and Resolve, Driftmoon's album "(R)Evolution", a new solo album, several video games, TV commercials, several filmscore genre albums, a web series, and voiceover work for podcasts and radio.


  • Blue Isle Studios
  • Blur Animation Studios
  • Dos Brains
  • Elias Arts
  • Extreme Music
  • Future Sound of Egypt (Armada)
  • GrandArc Designs
  • Gothic Storm / Lovely Music
  • Immediate Music
  • Massive Music
  • Mowgli
  • Note by Note Studios
  • Pathea Games
  • Position Music
  • Red Bull Media House
  • Samplephonics
  • Sonic Librarian
  • Tonal Chaos Music + Sound Design
  • Travis & Maude
  • Twisted Jukebox
  • Two Steps From Hell
  • Warner Bros.


  • Halcyon [Dos Brains Silver Screen]
  • (R)Evolution [Driftmoon]
  • Valkyrie [Jo Blankenburg]
  • The Observer [Cubic Nomad]
  • Silent Nights [Lovely Music]
  • Heaven and Earth [Dos Brains]
  • Land of Adventures [Twisted Jukebox]
  • Epiphania [Dual Shaman]
  • Goddess [Twisted Jukebox]
  • Uncivilized [Civilanimal]
  • Reflections [Matthew Chastney]
  • Elysian Dreams [Zefora]
  • The Roads [Brad Urba]
  • Orion [Two Steps From Hell]
  • Time Travel EP [Litheo]
  • Nights and Days [Halo]
  • Renaissance [Spada]
  • Impossible Landscape [DeeperNET]
  • One [DeeperNET]
  • Live the Night [Zefora & Manelet]
  • White Notes on Minor Ninths [Chris Flew]
  • Dawn is Late (Teaser only) [Inofaith]



  • Oliver Sadie
  • Karl Steven
  • Marc Aaron Jacobs
  • Jo Blankenburg
  • Juraj Klicka
  • Michal Cielecki
  • Aakaash Rao
  • Paul Lawler
  • Frank Pfeiffer
  • Greg Germann
  • Matthew Chastney
  • Daniel Ciurlizza
  • Phil Rey


  • Resolve (NZ TV movie, 2017)
  • The Stolen (2017)
  • Last Days in the Desert (2016) Official Trailer
  • The Garden [Lindele Media]
  • Red Bull Storm Chase (2014)
  • Blur Animation Studios Animation Reel (2014)
  • Glass Prison [INRVSN]
  • 000004 [Joe Zazulak]
  • The Ego [Thomas Hacikoglu]
  • In the Hearts of Men (OST)
  • Job 3a (Trailer)


  • America's Got Talent TV Promo
  • The Invaders Web Series:  Angie's Logs
  • "Brave" California Milk Commercial
  • Pitches for Pepsi Super Bowl, Weight Watchers Super Bowl, AAA, Dr Pepper, JBL, Allstate, Otto, Clash of Clans, and Applegate TV commercials


  • A State of Trance
  • di.fm
  • On the Hit Podcast


  • Luckless Seven [Deckpoint Studio; theme melody composer/vocalist]
  • Planet Explorers [Pathea Games; theme vocalist / "Kayla's Song" quest: character singing voice]
  • Valley [Blue Isle Studios; theme vocalist]
  • Memories of Aeldaria [GrandArc Designs; theme melody composer / voice actor]

"Along with being an exceptionally talented vocalist, Zefora strives relentlessly to ensure her clients have a product they are satisfied with. We have had the immense pleasure of working with Zefora on producing a vocal track for our game, Luckless Seven. Zefora has been unmatched in her professionalism, communication, and dedication throughout our entire collaboration with her.  We are extremely happy with the result of her work and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a vocalist or songwriter."  --Jesse Kooner, Deckpoint Studio